hello friends

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things i was thinking during the you and i music video:

  • ?????
  • ??????????
  • ??
  • ???????
  • ??????????????
  • ????

At least they looked cute.

what video were you watching

I would mix 2 multiple choice up and not re-check them, gj me.

Day 2 - Least Favourite Character

Cinnamon Bun freaks me out and has creepy teeth. I don’t like him.

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Art by Heather Theurer



Shrek came out 13 years ago

I didn’t know shrek was gay

Day 1 - Favourite Character

PB is always gonna be my favourite I think so it wasn’t even that hard of a choice. She’s stupid and intense and says dude a lot so I like her.

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"Oh, Finn."


"If only there was someone out there who loved you." 


AU: Beyonce obsessed over Ziam. She is an avid shipper and nothing is going to change that. Whenever she sees then together it makes her so happy. But then Perrie comes into the picture and threatens everything Beyonce hoped for. She invites Perrie over to “chat about her future in pop music” but that was just bait…Beyonce kills Perrie, freeing Zayn from her grasp so he could marry his true love, Liam. Beyonce is pleased with the news that her ship has become reality.